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+FANTASY ON "CHRIST CHURCH" (commissioned for its centennial by Christ Lutheran Church, Washington, DC, and premiered there by Geoffrey Simon on October 11, 1992).

  • Sound Clip(s) (mp3):
  • Date Composed: 1992
  • Copyright: 1994 M Mauldin
  • Duration (MM:SS): 5:25
  • Score/Parts: M Mauldin (manuscript)
  • Recording: None
  • Program Notes/Reviews: The work is based on the hymn, "The Sending", text by Dr. William Danker, tune by Geoffrey Simon, (c) 1968 (used by permission), which the church uses when it formally "sends" with its blessing people who leave its midst for any reason.


+KOKOPELLI, HIS FLUTESONG (commissioned by Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert, California for the dedication recital of its new chancel organ, and premiered there February 15, 1999 by Michael Brittenback).

  • Sound Clip(s) (mp3):
  • ASCAP Title Code: 410134028
  • Date Composed: 1998
  • Copyright: 1998 M Mauldin
  • Duration (MM:SS): 7:30
  • Score/Parts: M Mauldin (manuscript)
  • Recording: Archival recording of the premiere


+THREE PRAYERS FOR PEACE: Service Music for Pipe Organ (in three untitled movements, commissioned by the Albuquerque chapter of the American Guild of Organists and premiered by Edwina Beard on May 20, 1985 at the First Congregational Church, Albuquerque).

  • Sound Clip(s) (mp3):
  • ASCAP Title Code: 503336214
  • Date Composed: 1985
  • Copyright: 1995 M Mauldin
  • Duration (MM:SS): 8:45
  • Score/Parts: M Mauldin (manuscript)
  • Recording: None
  • Program Notes/Reviews: The score bears the inscription, "dedicated to those who work for world peace."


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